Norma Joseph

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Author of many publications, Dr. Norma Joseph has received numerous awards and grants in recognition of her scholarly and pedagogic talents. She is currently a recipient of a Canadian research grant: a SSHRC on gender and identity in the Iraqi Jewish Community of Montreal. She has edited one scholarly publication, written 16 chapters for various encyclopedias and anthologies, 8 journal articles and completed 2 documentaries. Along with these publications, Norma has delivered dozens of conference papers, invited papers and colloquia in the past few years. But her dedication is to teaching: “Teaching is my central focus and commitment. I have not shifted away from that primary dedication since I began at Concordia over twenty-seven years ago.”

Dr. Joseph appeared in and was consultant to the films Half The Kingdom and Untying the Bonds of Jewish Divorce. Dr. Joseph received her Ph.D. from Concordia University in 1995. Beginning in 1975, she taught as a part-time lecturer and in 1992 was hired in a tenure track position in the Department of Religion.

Dr. Joseph is Director of the Women and Religion specialization. She is also an associate of the Concordia Institute for Canadian Jewish Studies.

Selected publications

Guest editor, special edition Nashim “Feeding an Identity: Gender, Food, and Survival.” Vol. 5, (Summer, 2002).

Book chapters

“From Baghdad to Montreal: Food, gender and identity in two scenarios.” In Migration, Communication & Home; Jewish Tradition, Change & Gender in a Global World. Tania Reytan-Marincheshka, ed.. LIK Publishing House, 2011, 92-104.

“Food for the Body and the Soul: Women’s Blessings.”Blessings, Chapbook. Loren Lerner, ed. Published by the Institute for Canadian Jewish Studies, 2009.

“Women in Orthodoxy; Conventional and Contentious.” InWomen Remaking American Jewish Life. Riv-Ellen Prell, ed. Wayne State University Press, 2007.

Journal articles

“Those Self-Assured Women: A Close Reading of Rabbi Moses Feinstein’s Responsum.” Nashim 21 (July, 2011), 67-87, David Golinkin, consulting ed..

“Civil Jurisdiction and Religious Accord: Bruker v. Marcovitz in the Supreme Court of Canada.” Studies in Religion/Sciences Religieuses 40:3 (September, 2011), 318-336. Ira Robinson, guest ed.

“Ritual Law and Praxis: Bat Mitsva Celebrations.” Modern Judaism 22:3 (2002), 231-260.