Marc Lalonde

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Marc P. Lalonde is a philosopher of religion whose research explores the relationship between religion and critical theory within the contemporary world. This has resulted in a book on the theological appropriation of Jurgen Habermas, as well as a more original effort to establish a “critical theory of religious insight.” Alongside these endeavours, Lalonde also focuses on modern Jewish and Christian thought, especially in relation to the Holocaust. Lalonde’s most current research interest pursues a reconstruction of contemporary Christian thought in view of modern Jewish responses to the Holocaust.  Many of these themes and issues have been fruitfully explored within his undergraduate and graduate teaching assignments.


Selected publications

From Critical Theology to a Critical Theory of Religious Insight: Essays in Contemporary Religious Thought. New York: Peter Lang, 2007.

Critical Theology and the Challenge of Jurgen Habermas: Toward a Critical Theory of Religious Insight. New York: Peter Lang, 1999.

Marc P. Lalonde, ed., The Promise of Critical Theology: Essays in Honour of Charles Davis. Waterloo, Ontario: Wilfred Laurier University Press, 1995.