Lynda Clarke

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Lynda Clarke joined the Department of Religion in 1998 after having held positions in Islam and Religion in the Department of Religion at Bard College, New York, and Persian literature in the Department of Asian and Middle East Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. Her research interests include Shiism, women, law (especially in relation to gender), and Islam in the West, and she works chiefly in the geographical regions of the Arab Middle East and Iran. Her current focus in the area of Shiism is on Sunni-Shiite relations, both in historical and contemporary times. Dr. Clarke has also worked with Muslim activists and the Ontario Law Society to produce aMuslim Marriage Contract Kit (2010, available in French asTrousse de Contrat de mariage musulman) designed to address issues with the private use of Islamic law in the West, and she continues to consult and hold workshops for women’s groups across the country on this subject.


Selected publications

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