Université Concordia University

Université Laval




The importance of the joint seminar is the collegial atmosphere and the introduction of the academic process of formal paper presentation before ones peers. As such, one of the highlights of my time in the programme was the opportunity to write and present a paper that introduced my dissertation topic to my classmates, professors, and colleagues from two other universities. This was the moment when my project was heard and validated by peers and senior scholars. It was a difficult but ultimately rewarding experience sharing my knowledge within the collegial atmosphere of the shared programme.

Brendan-John Reid Purdie – Concordia

Pendant l’année où j’ai eu la chance de participer au séminaire interuniversitaire conjoint, mes recherches, par les rencontres et les échanges créés, se sont considérablement enrichies. Une belle expérience intellectuelle et humaine, que je n’hésiterais pas à refaire !

Nicolas Boissière – UQAM

Working on a group project During the Joint Doctoral Seminar helped push me past my comfort zone, where I did some useful research. I received helpful feedback from the various professors, especially those from the other institutions. Contact with the other universities was good, and I learned a lot about how they operate, and what their research strengths were.

Shaun Leslie Turriff – Concordia

Being able to access the resources of the other universities was extremely valuable. As my interests lie in a rather small specialty, it was surprising and helpful to find other students working with similar topics; we could exchange ideas and discuss the various issues in our field. Having external feedback and constructive critique was also useful to advance my own work.

Cimminnee Holt – Concordia